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Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in America?  When a person goes into cardiac arrest the best chance for survival is rapid CPR and AED Defibrillation.  Whether it is a requirement by your employer, OSHA, or you are wanting to have a positive impact on your community, let Hawkeye Medical Services provide your CPR certification.  This can be a great benefit that employers can provide your employees to help your company or community.  Our team of American Heart Association certified instructors have over 20 years of instructing experience.  Not only can we provide you with the certification, but we will keep track of your expiration dates to make sure you or your employees will always be compliant.  We can provide certifications for individuals or large groups.  See below for information on what certifications we provide.

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Adult/Child CPR and First Aid

The AHA Heartsaver program is ideal for individuals who are looking to get certified in CPR, AED, First Aid or all of these that are not needing the certification for healthcare or first responder purposes.  This would include construction workers, daycare providers, corporate employees or anyone who would like to get certified to know what to do during a cardiac arrest emergency or if first aid services are needed.


Adult/Child CPR/AED Certification

The AHA BLS Provider Certification is designed for those in the healthcare or first responder field such as Dr's, Nurses, EMT's, Paramedics, and Law Enforcement.  We work with Fire Departments, Ambulance Services and more to provide CPR and AED certifications.

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